Konix Drakkar Skald gaming headset
Konix Drakkar Skald gaming headset

Konix Drakkar Skald gaming headset

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Perfect insulation for a total playing comfort
•  Drakkar gaming headset is a circum-aural headphones (closed) with speakers 50mm diameter neodymium.
•  Comfortable for long gaming sessions, Drakkar's headset ensures excellent insulation from outside noise.

•  This gamer headset also features a wide frequency response from 20 to 20,000 Hz for a faithful reproduction of bass and treble. Take advantage and a better immersion and be on the lookout for any surrounding noise! 

 Ergonomic Headset

•  Plug & play, the Drakkar headset plugs directly into your PC without having to install drivers. (cable length: 1.8m)
•  Designed for PC, this headset is also compatible with tablets and smartphones thanks to the jack adapter included!
•  You can easily control the volume since it gamer headset with a built remote.
•  For an even more complete game atmosphere, the Drakkar headset also has a side backlighting.
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