Go Clever Sound Tube XL black
Go Clever Sound Tube XL black Go Clever Sound Tube XL black Go Clever Sound Tube XL black

Go Clever Sound Tube XL black

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Special tube speaker of a total power of 11W
Choose mobility and easy access to your favorite tunes, independent from time and place.
Original design
in a simple form
The SOUND TUBE XL is characterized by its interesting design enclosed in a shape of a large tube. The appearance of the device connects modern style and ergonomics. Apart from advanced specs the quality of sound is further manifested in the larger and solid dimensions and appropriate weight of the device. The side control panel that includes all connectors and buttons, including the sound volume adjustment buttons.
High sound quality
The device is characterized by the perfect sound of Your favorite music. Two speakers with a subwoofer of a power output as high as 7 W guarantee very high sound quality, characterized by high sound dynamics and rich bass.
Disco, movie theatre or a romantic recess?
The built-in battery and the Bluetooth support allow you to use the device both at home and outside. The SOUNDE TUBE XL is the perfect addition and supplementation of mobile devices – after pairing you can not only listen to music, but also watch movies with far better sound quality than that offered by the speaker of your smartphone or tablet. Crisp and clear sound of the device should satisfy even the most demanding users. The set includes hooks and a belt, that make carrying the speaker easier.
Music from a SD card
The SOUND TUBE XL can be paired with a smartphone working under the control of Android and iOS operating systems. The built-in MicroSD card reader enables you to play your favorite music directly from the memory card.


  • 5 Έτη
  • Micro SD
  • black
  • Ενσύρματη,3.5 mm Mini Jack, bluetooth
  • 2x2 Watt
  • MP3, PC, Smartphone, Tablet
  • Ναι
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