Intenso SSD SATA III High 240GB (3813440)

Intenso SSD SATA III High 240GB (3813440)

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Warranty: 2 Years

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The high performance SSD Intenso SATA III delivers speed and efficiency for everyday use at home. Exceptional transport speeds give you extremely short access times. The SSD with SATA III interface is flash-based and therefore silent.

Since there are no moving parts in the construction, the vibrations have no effect on the SSD. With the size of 2.5 inches, laptops and computers can be upgraded without problems with the high-performance SSD.

  •      SSD capacity in GB 240GB
  •      SSD size in 2.5 "
  •      Max Reading Speed up to 550MB / sec
  •      Maximum Recording Speed up to 500MB / s
  •      USB 3.0 Interface Type
  •      IOPS Read 520MB / s
  •      IOPS Write 500MB / s


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