Delonghi FH-1394

Delonghi FH-1394

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Delonghi FH1394 / 1 Delphi Multi Fryer with a maximum capacity of 1.7 liters and a Surround Heating System dual heat emission system for perfect cooking results and time savings.
For healthy and delicious cooking:
 Delonghi FH1394 Multifry is an innovative device that cooks healthy and delicious a wide variety of food while it can also fry with minimal oil, thus covering all the needs in a kitchen. It allows you to cook a wide variety of recipes: from risotto and couscous to reddish and ratatouille as well as quickly fry delicious fresh potatoes in a healthier way and minimal oil *. With Delonghi FH1394 Multifry you can still make pizza, cakes, pies and everything else you imagine.
* One dose of oil (1.4) cl for 1 kg of fresh potatoes (cleaned)
Surround Heating System:
 The exclusive Delonghi SHS (Surround Heating System) technology gives you outstanding performance by enveloping the food with heat to cook evenly. The upper heating element in combination with the hot air movement from the top of the device achieves a uniform distribution of heat. The lower heating element delivers heat from the base of the appliance, while a removable stirrer shakes the food automatically. Delonghi's exclusive SHS technology was created to make MultiFry the fryer - the most sophisticated cooking appliance with little oil.
Upper heater + hot air:
The combination of the 1400W heating element and the hot air provides you with a uniform, even distribution of hot air that allows for induction cooking and grilling for better and faster results.
Double heater + hot air:
The second heating element is a unique feature in the fryer market with a little oil. It is placed beneath the bucket and in this way speeds up the cooking process and improves the quality for a larger selection of recipes.
Independent lower heating element:
Exclusive feature of the Extra Chef (FH1394) can even work independently of the top heater making cooking similar to the pot.
Quick Cooking:
 It quickly cooks every kind of dish with the combined action of the lower and upper heating elements. The cooking time is reduced thanks to the innovative construction of the two heating elements. Heaters can work separately or simultaneously, so choose the right method for your recipe. If you want perfect fried potatoes with minimal oil *, roast fish fillet crisp from the outside and tender and juicy inside, or risotto with perfectly mixed ingredients, the Multifry fryer can cook you easily and quickly.


Power 1400 Watt

Capacity 1.7 lt Bucket
Detachable - non-stick
Adjustable thermostat
It has a Filter of Odors
It has no anti-thermal walls
Features Appropriate for Domestic use

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